Orly “Snowcone”

I have eyed this polish for a while now.  I went to Sally’s Thursday, picked up the bottle, shook it and placed it back down. I knew deep down I didn’t need to buy another bottle of polish.  I purchased my items and received a 15% off coupon on my receipt.  See, it was meant to be. I returned the next day with my coupon ready to hold Snowcone in hand.  I’m so glad I got this polish.

Snowcone is part of Orly’s Sweet Collection Spring 2010.  This is a pretty spring blue and I’m wearing it now, even though it’s fall, I don’t care. It’s 80 degrees outside so it’s just like spring, right?

This polish went on smoothly.  Even though I’m wearing two coats, one coat would have been fine.  I use two coats out of habit.  The Orly Bonder Sandwich application technique was applied with Seche Vite as the final top coat.


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