Benefits of Coconut Oil for the Hair and Scalp

You can cook with it.  You can take it internally.  Apply it on the skin if you like. Looking for a healthy hair care regimen?  You have found your first ingredient.

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut.  It is one of few oils with the ability to penetrate the hair shaft. Coconut is a natural hair and scalp conditioner that has fatty acids. It controls the loss of protein in the hair while sealing moisture in the hair. Protein and moisture are two important components of healthy hair.

This oil is great for scalp massages, hot oil treatments or added to a conditioner to create a conditioner cocktail. Did you know that a scalp massage with coconut oil can help eliminate pityriasis capitis, better known as dandruff?

Now you don’t want just any old coconut oil. Look for unrefined expeller pressed extra virgin coconut oil. I use coconut oil daily.  I like Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin coconut oil.  I like it because I can buy a large container and it last a long time because just a little goes a long way.  Put a little in the palm of your hands and rub together.  It will melt instantly. Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees F.

Let go of those oils that do more hair than good to the hair such as mineral oil products and try a more natural lighter oil.

Be mindful that coconut oil solidifies in cold weather so you may want to change the oil you use in the winter.  Many complain that their hair feels hard in the winter. I use coconut oil everyday, no matter the season.


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