Vaseline for Moisturizing and Sealing

Yes, I said moisturizing and sealing with Vaseline.  For those who may not know what moisturizing and sealing is, let me address that first.  When you moisturize and seal, you add a water based product to the hair followed by oil.  Do not apply the oil to the scalp.  Scalp oiling is not the intention.  The oil provides a barrier to prevent moisture loss, hence the term, “seal in moisture.”

Moisturizing and sealing combats dryness that can occur from daily styling and exposure to elements.  If you decide to moisturize, you can use products such as S-Curl, Carefree Curl, glycerin and water mixture or the greatest moisturizer of all, water.  To seal, there are several oils to choose from such as coconut oil, olive oil and sweet almond oil.  But did you know you could use just plain old Vaseline?  Yes I said it, Vaseline also known as petroleum jelly.  Now before you write off Vaseline, hear me out.

Some of the thickest grease you can put your hands on is Vaseline.  Have you ever had dry feet in the winter time? Have you ever got out of the shower and slathered Vaseline on your feet.  The next day your feet were soft and moisturized, right?  Same idea.

You can moisturize and seal on wet or dry hair.  If you moisturize and seal on wet hair, it’s like wet feet directly from the shower.  Once you add Vaseline,  it provides a barrier to the hair to hold the moisture in. The next day you will have moisturized hair.  Allow me to add something here.  I would only use the Vaseline sealing method if I was a daily protective styler and I wasn’t trying to keep a hair style.  A protective styler keeps the ends of their hair tuck away from manipulation (bunning) or keeps their hair entirely tucked away from the elements under a wig or sew in weave.

Give it a go.  If you are sporting a silky flat-iron, please don’t use Vaseline as your method of sealing.  It would be too heavy for a style.  If you are hiding your hair with protective styling, it’s worth a shot.

**Make sure you cleanse the hair regularly.  Clarify the hair when needed. Heavy oils have the tendency to attract dirt from the environment.**


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