Hair Steaming: The Ultimate Deep Conditioning Experience

I love my hair steamer and I will never be without it.  A hooded steamer infuses moisture in the hair strands and gives the ultimate deep conditioning experience.  Listed below are a few benefits of hair steaming.

 Moisturized hair strands

Better scalp circulation

Reduced dryness and breakage

Helps control dandruff

Makes hair stronger

Help conditioning treatments penetrate the hair better

I usually steam for about an hour even though my steamer is designed for a 30 minute treatment.  The time you choose is up to you.  Steaming for 30 minutes is enough to moisturize the hair.  I have issues with dry hair, so an hour is my preference to keep my hair balanced.

The back of the steamer has a reservoir tank designed  for distilled water only.  Do not fill the reservoir with tap water or add any essential oils to the water.   Tap water has minerals that can harm the elements in the steamer.  Distilled water can be purchased at your local grocery store for less than a dollar a gallon.

When I’m ready for my steaming session, it takes about five minutes to get a good deal of steam going.  Some people prefer to steam with a plastic cap and some without.  I do not steam with a plastic cap.  I use lots of thick creamy conditioner such as Aquagenics Deep Treatment Masque and Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose.  You can also use oils as a hot oil treatment.  I don’t steam with oils because it can get messy without a plasic cap. I pile my conditioner drenched hair on top of my head and secure with a clip.  I close the air vent on the front hood, place a towel on top of the hood for additonal heat, grab my laptop and enjoy the treatment.

Once my hour session is up, I massage my scalp until my hair cools.  I rinse my hair with warm water followed by Roux Porosity control for a few minutes.  Once the Porosity control is rinsed, I apply Aphogee Green Tea Reconstructor, Aphogee leave and Chi Silk Infusion then proceed with styling.

Try steaming, you might like it.  I love it!

**My steamer was purchased on Ebay from SalonsRUs for $100.**



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