Seche Vite: The Best Top Coat Ever

I’ve searched high and low for a fast drying top coat like this.  It’s guaranteed not to yellow your nails.  I’ve pronounced the name every way known to man.  If you meet me on the street and I hold out my hand, ask me what gives me long-lasting shine and wearability and I will reply, “Se-shay Veet.”  Now I’m still unsure if I’m pronouncing it correctly, but I know one thing I am sure of, I will forever use this top coat.

Wrap the tips of your nails with your lacquer before applying Seche Vite.  If you don’t,  Seche Vite tends to cause shrinkage.  What do I mean by shrinkage?  It’s when it looks as if the tips of your nails need retouching.  The polish shrinks and does not cover your entire nail, which basically looks like tip wear.  Seche’s application can be tricky for a first timer because of its thick consistency.  It’s similar to old polish in dire need of thinner. To apply, you must have enough top coat on your brush to drop a ball sized amount on your nail and spread over the nail.  You only need one coat and there is no need to touch up your polish during the week. If you use more than one coat of Seche, get ready for bubble nails and the entire coat of polish coming off in a perfect sheet.  Remember Tinker Bell nail polish as a child?  Remember how you would paint your nails and it started peeling before it dried?  Well if you apply more than one coat of Seche Vite or apply the coat too thickly, you will have Tinker Bell 2012 nails.

There is a warning listed on the bottle and it states:  This product contains a chemical known to the state of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm.

I doubt the amount of time I’m exposed to the product would cause any long-term effects.

You can buy Seche Vite at Sally’s and CosmoProf.  I recommend buying Seche Vite Restore to thin the top coat when it gets thicker. You may also use polish thinner.  I use Restore for Seche Vite, but I use thinner for all of my other polishes. After each use, close the bottle tightly.

Once you use Seche Vite, no other top coat will do.


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