Do You Pre-poo?

Many women praise the concept of pre-pooing. Pre-pooing means before the shampoo.  It is the act of applying conditioner, oils or a conditioner cocktail to dry hair before the shampoo to condition the hair. Pre-pooing allows the conditioners or oils to absorb in the hair without any interference from water.  The analogy that comes to mind is a dry sponge.  A dry sponge absorbs more water than a wet sponge.  Dry hair has the ability to soak up the benefits and absorb the oils and/or conditioners in a greater capacity than wet hair.

If you would like to pre-poo, you can apply any type of oils such as: extra virgin coconut, olive,  jojoba, sweet almond or grapeseed.  Make sure you warm the oils before applying to the hair. You can choose a conditioner of your choice if oils aren’t your thing.  Another alternative is to use a conditioner in your stash that just doesn’t work for you. Everyone has a bottle of conditioner that got rave reviews but did not work at all.  Well this is your opportunity to get rid of it without throwing it in the trash. Add oils to create a conditioner cocktail. Measuring the amount of oil to conditioner is not required in a conditioner cocktail.  Many bad conditioners can be made good with oils.

To start the pre-pooing process, massage the scalp with your fingertips.  Do not use your nails. Add a light oil to your fingertips to massage the scalp if you like for a few minutes.  Not only does this stimulate the scalp to get the blood circulating which promotes hair growth, but it also relieves stress.  Proceed to apply whatever concoction you decide from root to tip. Cover the hair with a plastic cap and a warm towel. If you own a heat cap such as the Mastex heat cap, use it in place of a warm towel.  Do chores around the house, surf the net or watch your favorite show while pre-pooing.  When you’re ready, rinse the conditioner and/or oils from the hair then proceed with the shampoo.  After the shampoo, you can deep condition under a hair dryer or steamer.  Instead of using a dryer or steamer,  apply a five-minute conditioner and a plastic cap and allow your body heat to condition your hair.

Pre-pooing is an extra conditioning treat for your hair and scalp.  I prefer to massage my scalp with warm coconut oil, shampoo, then deep condition my hair with my steamer. This step is very important in my relaxer stretching journey.  (See my post on relaxer stretching.)  Whether you pre-poo or not, the most important lesson is to always listen to your hair and do what it tells you to do.


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