My Trip to Sally’s Beauty Supply 50% Off Clearance Sale

While visiting one of my favorite sites,, I saw a posting about a 50% off clearance sale at Sally’s.  Even though I didn’t need to buy another thing, I felt I had to for the sake of this blog.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. I had to stop at the grocery store and there was a Sally’s along the way, so I said what the heck.

The clearance table was located near the front door.  There were flat irons, curlers, lip glosses, nail art and polishes on the table. I went directly for the nail polish bin of course.  I was holding the bottles up to the light, shaking the bottles, examining the bottles, everything a nail polish fanatic was taught to do. Then much to my surprise I feel a presence, competition even, over my right shoulder.  “This lady is trying to get my polish,” my inner voice alerted me. Don’t you hate it when you are shopping alone and a stranger invades your space to pick up everything you just picked up? I looked at the China Glaze Fuchsia Crackle, she looked at the China Glaze Fuchsia Crackle. I looked at this ugly color of brown by Orly and she did the same.  Will you stop it lady?! To protect her identity, we will call her Ms. Tag-Along.

Now it’s getting hot in the store.  I don’t know if the air wasn’t up high enough or if Ms. Tag-Along was stealing my air supply like she was trying to steal my polish.   I had to create a strategy.  Pick up all the polishes you want, if you put it down, you don’t want it.  You only have one shot.  Let’s go. My eyes scrolled the polish bin quickly taking mental notes of what I wanted and I grabbed them all.  Look, shake, decide, keep or discard.  Think fast! As sure as I’m breathing, Ms. Tag-Along picked up everything I’d let go.

I ended up leaving that store with three bottles of polish which cost me $1.60 each.  I bought Finger Paints Magnetic Color “Electro-Midnight,” Finger Paints” “Movie in the Park,” and China Glaze Magnetic Color “Pull Me Close.”  I’ve never tried magnetic colors so I’ll have to do a review.

After all the polish stalking I endured, Ms. Tag-Along left the store with a hair brush. No base coat, top coat, glitter, no nothing….just a brush.  Oh well, a girl has to go through a lot to feed her nail polish habit, even if it takes bumping shoulders with a stranger who only wants a hair brush.


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