Lacefront Wigs: A Random Message from Mom

I was on the phone with my mom the other day and I told her I’ve started back blogging.  She asked if my focus would be beauty related.  She knows me so well.  I told her hair, nails, beauty tips and anything else random I wanted to discuss.  She said, “I have a topic for you.”  Ok, waiting for her reply she said, “Lacefronts.” I laughed for a second and asked, “Now what do you know about lacefronts?”  Well she proceeded to tell me her story:

“I was standing in line in Wal-Mart, ready to checkout, just minding my business.  Two women were talking and my attention turned to them.  One of the women engaged in the conversation was my cashier.  They both started discussing hair and the customer complimented the cashier on her hair.  I just looked.  I was waiting on the punch line that never came. The cashier and I locked eyes and I couldn’t look away.  Usually I wouldn’t stare, but her hair was interesting and fascinating all at the same time. The cashier had on a lacefront wig and it looked like a moon glued to her forehead. She touched her hair as if my stare was burning a hole in the synthetic mystery on her head.”

At this point I am laughing because my mom can be so serious and funny at the same time.

Mom: “Poo?”  (Yes my mom still calls me this as if I’m still 3 and yes I answer.)

Me: “Yes?”

Mom: “Do they really think it looks nice?”

Me: ‘Yes, they took time to look like that.”

Mom: “When you write on your blog, will you tell the people if they want to wear those things, don’t get it so shiny and so long?  It’s not fooling anyone.”

Me: “I will.  Is there anything else you want me to tell them?”

Mom:  “No, I guess that will be all.  You know, those cheaply made lacefront wigs have that dollar store baby doll hair look, especially the shiny black ones.  Buy a good one and get someone to apply it properly if you can’t do it yourself.”

Then there was a pause.

Mom:  “I wonder if my facial expressions show what I’m thinking?”

Me: “Most times, absolutely. Your poker face is a no go.”

Mom: “Well maybe I can stop a few people from looking a mess with my stare and my thoughts, you think?”

Me: “Yes, your stare kept me in line growing up.”

Mom: “Well it’s kept you away from lacefront wigs, hasn’t it?

Me: “Point taken.”

So in closing, if you are ever in Wal-Mart and your hair looks like this:

And you lock eyes with an older woman pushing a cart while staring at you with extreme amusement and fascination,  it’s my mom and I can’t do anything about it. 🙂


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