How a Nail Polish Fanatic Stores Her Polishes

I am a nail polish fanatic.  I hold my hands up to admit it. I don’t know how many bottles of polish I own and I won’t count.  Counting will just make me realize I have too many bottles love polish. Sorry what was I thinking. I had to correct that.  In my eyes, there’s no such thing as too much. I love going to the store looking at colors that I’m almost 98% positive  I already own.

One day after a long hard afternoon at a Buy 2 get 1 free sale at Sally’s and a $2.00 clearance at CosmoProf, don’t judge me,  I decided my Sterilite container just wasn’t cutting it.  I had to store it in my closet and it was heavy to carry out every time I needed it. I couldn’t pick a color while standing in the closet, oh no.  I had to look at all of the colors to determine what mood I could possible be in for the week.  My color has to match my mood. You’re not a true fanatic until you have stared at your polish with pure joy wondering  which color to try next.  Basically I needed a larger home for my polishes.  What could I use? Bingo! Lower the lights please.  It’s time for the reveal.

Here’s another view:

I bought this Salon Mate trolley for around $35 from Sally’s back in 1999 . I used this to hold my supplies when I worked in a salon.  Just think, I was about to sell this in my garage sale.

My polishes moved from a small Sterilite apartment to a Salon Mate mansion.  Now that’s love.


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