Venique Nail Lacquer “Rolling Tides”

Venique is a fairly new brand of nail polish created by CosmoProf.  Venique contains Sil-Tek which is according to CosmoProf, “a silicone-based ingredient that creates flexibility within the polish to guard against chipping and flaking.”   Sil-Tek’s flexibility enables the polish to accommodate the expansion and contraction of nails.  When nails are wet they expand and once dry they contract.  Also, a plus with this polish is simple buffing with a cloth makes your nails nice and shiny again.

According to CosmoProf,  any top coat and base coat can be used, but the Venique brand should be used for best results.  I’ve never used their base or top coat because I prefer my sandwich method which is listed below.  The sandwich consists of Revlon base and top coats, Orly Bonder and Seche Vite.

Rolling Tides is part of the Lady Day Summer 2012 Collection. I’m in love with this glittery ocean blue color. I go through phases with my nail colors, and right now I’m loving all shades of blue on my nails and toes.  I can wear this polish for at least five days without chipping or cracking with the sandwich method and tip wrapping.  I usually get minor tip wear though but that’s to be expected on natural nails.

Application is great, I love the wide brush.  You may only need one coat of color, but I use two coats for a richer color.  One thing I’ve noticed, it seems as if this polish gets thick quickly, so make sure you have thinner handy.  Please don’t use remover or acetone to thin your polish.

Overall I love this product and the available colors.  The brand is only sold by CosmoProf.  Retail price $3.75, but way cheaper when on sale.  I got this polish on clearance $2.62.  I love deals.  You may also find this brand on Amazon or Ebay.

Application (Sandwich Method):

1 coat Revlon Fast Dry Base Coat

1 coat Orly Rubberized Bonder

1 coat Venique Rolling Tides

1 coat Orly Rubberized Bonder

1 coat Venique Rolling Tides

1 coat Revlon Top Coat

1 coat Seche Vite


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