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Orly “Snowcone”

I have eyed this polish for a while now.  I went to Sally’s Thursday, picked up the bottle, shook it and placed it back down. I knew deep down I didn’t need to buy another bottle of polish.  I purchased my items and received a 15% off coupon on my receipt.  See, it was meant to be. I returned the next day with my coupon ready to hold Snowcone in hand.  I’m so glad I got this polish.

Snowcone is part of Orly’s Sweet Collection Spring 2010.  This is a pretty spring blue and I’m wearing it now, even though it’s fall, I don’t care. It’s 80 degrees outside so it’s just like spring, right?

This polish went on smoothly.  Even though I’m wearing two coats, one coat would have been fine.  I use two coats out of habit.  The Orly Bonder Sandwich application technique was applied with Seche Vite as the final top coat.

Revlon “Punk”

Revlon Punk is part of the Edgy Elegance Collection.

This color was purchased from Big Lots.  It was packaged with another color and was $2 for the set.  Can’t beat that deal, especially if the color is gorgeous.

Punk is a green with glitter.  It’s a foil metallic shade. The color looks a little rocky but feels smooth to the touch once dried. I’ve learned to love glitter polishes because of the staying power.  Two coats were applied along with the Orly Bonder Sandwich application technique. Seche Vite applied as the final top coat.

I Took a Break, Now I’m Back!



Sorry for the short hiatus.  I’ve had fun celebrating the 100 year anniversary of my alma mater, Tennessee State University.  I had a blast at homecoming, now it’s time to get back to work.  I have a lot of topics I want to discuss, so now it’s time to get back to work!


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Venique “Hot Date”

This week I’m wearing Hot Date by Venique. This color is part of Venique’s Lazy Day Summer 2012 collection.  I purchased this color at CosmoProf for $2.75.

Venique is my favorite brand of polish. I love pink polishes.

The Venique brand polishes are on the thick side so you can use one coat to get a rich color.  I’m a two coat girl out of habit. I always use the Orly Bonder Sandwich technique along with Seche Vite Top Coat for long-lasting shine and wearability.  If your polish begins to get dull as the week progresses, don’t worry, just grab a cloth and buff your nails and the shine comes right back.  Isn’t that neat? I think so.

Benefits of Coconut Oil for the Hair and Scalp

You can cook with it.  You can take it internally.  Apply it on the skin if you like. Looking for a healthy hair care regimen?  You have found your first ingredient.

Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut.  It is one of few oils with the ability to penetrate the hair shaft. Coconut is a natural hair and scalp conditioner that has fatty acids. It controls the loss of protein in the hair while sealing moisture in the hair. Protein and moisture are two important components of healthy hair.

This oil is great for scalp massages, hot oil treatments or added to a conditioner to create a conditioner cocktail. Did you know that a scalp massage with coconut oil can help eliminate pityriasis capitis, better known as dandruff?

Now you don’t want just any old coconut oil. Look for unrefined expeller pressed extra virgin coconut oil. I use coconut oil daily.  I like Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin coconut oil.  I like it because I can buy a large container and it last a long time because just a little goes a long way.  Put a little in the palm of your hands and rub together.  It will melt instantly. Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees F.

Let go of those oils that do more hair than good to the hair such as mineral oil products and try a more natural lighter oil.

Be mindful that coconut oil solidifies in cold weather so you may want to change the oil you use in the winter.  Many complain that their hair feels hard in the winter. I use coconut oil everyday, no matter the season.

Orly Lollipop

This color reminds me of spring time.  Part of the Sweet Collection 2010, this lavender pink color looks like candy.  Lollipop is a creme polish and I have to take my time, especially near my cuticle to make sure the application doesn’t look messy. The consistency is on the thick side, but I didn’t add any thinner.  I probably will for my next application though.

I’m not a fan of creme polishes, but it’s just so pretty that I had to let it slide. If you look closely, you can see my toes.  I’m wearing Orly Oh Cabana Boy on my toes.

As you can see, depending on the lighting, the color can look more pink and at other times more lilac.  Two coats of color makes your nails pop. Don’t forget to wrap your tips!

 If you want long lasting nail wear, use the Orly Bonder Sandwich Technique.

1 coat of Revlon Base Coat

1 coat Orly Bonder

1 coat Orly Lollipop

1 coat Orly Bonder

1 coat Orly Lollipop

1 coat Revlon Top Coat

1 coat Seche Vite